Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Non-Script Text is 100% Complete!

3.15 pm.

I finally finished the non-script texts! Yay!

Now, I'll need to wait for other teams for the real translations.

Thank God, I was ready to throw my computer off the window.

Here's a video but remember - most graphical stuff are not being worked on for the moment.

Friday, February 20, 2009

What The Heck Was That?

Since I was using the game's Debug Room code to see around places, I came upon a strange stuffs. Normally, the use of Debug Rooms ignores the game's progress, but Mother 3 is an exception. You can do a lot of strange (and stupid) things with the Debug Room, and the pictures will be followed by comments.

  1. This is actually what happens if you abuse the Pork and Beans glitch too much. However, it can be cured by entering a separate section of the map.
  2. Note Duster's name. It should be Lucas, but the Debug Room had managed to screw up the arrangement of playable characters. It was cured as soon as I enter another chapter.
  3. Again, look at the arrangement of characters. It should be Lucas-Kumatora-Duster-Boney or Lucas-Duster-Kumatora-Boney.
  4. What the... this is one of the most bizarre things I had done in playing around the Debug Room. I remembered that I warped to Club Titiboo in chapter 4 twice, and the second time, the game script were running as if I was playing that chapter originally. But, when the'Bon Voyage, Amigo' cutscene ended, the camera was off screen, and in my party, only Duster and Boney appeared. I get into the club again to activate the debug room, and then warp to chapter 8. If you run, the characters will freeze if you stop running. Ugh.
  5. Now, this is what happened if you activate the Debug Room left to the vending machine, near the New Pork Tower (Was it Empire Pork Building?). You run into the debug room, ran into the wall and voila! You're climbing the walls as if you're a ninja! However, this only apply to the area said above. Other areas doesn't allow you to do that.
Well, more updates later!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Biggest Hurdle Passed!

If you watched the video in Battle and Menu entry, you might noticed the word 'and cohort'. It was annoying as heck and I was unhappy even though I had already translated that line. So, as a last desperation move, I overwritten the lines Tomato said 'don't'. and to my surprise, it worked!

Whee! Now I can make battle videos in an even better quality!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Staying Idle?

Although I started on the project not too long ago, I was surprised when Tomato, the head project of the English Fan Translation for Mother 3, said the non script texts were just 1% percent of the total script. The listing below is the complete list of how many lines I should translate.
  • Main script, ~800 pages
  • Battle text, ~60 pages
  • Character names, 300 lines
  • Playable/assist character names, 16 lines
  • Default names, 69 lines
  • Item names, 256 lines
  • Enemy (+misc) names, 329 lines
  • PSI names, 100 lines
  • Item descriptions, ~11 pages
  • Enemy descriptions, ~25 pages
  • PSI descriptions, ~5 pages
  • Skill descriptions, ~1 page
  • Map names, 1000 lines
  • Menus 1, ~11 pages
  • Menus 2, ~14 pages
  • Menus 3, ~2 pages
  • Sound player track list, 250 lines
  • Misc sound player text, 6 lines
  • Misc text, 50 lines
  • Status text, 52 lines
However, most of them could be skipped, since there are many things that were left intact - same as the English version. Many lines had to be cut because the BM translation turns out too long for them.
  1. The characters names remain as in their English counterparts. However, Favorite Food and Favorite Thing were translated. In food, Omelets had been depicted as like fried rice wrapped in fried eggs (and some chili sauce on top) as here and here. Maybe the rice bit was a little unseen, but we don't have a normal omelet as big as THAT, so I think its Pataya Fried Rice.
  2. Shigesato Itoi loved croquette rolls so much that he actually promoted the shop in the game, like what he did with Katsu in EarthBound/Mother 2. The forum discussing that is located here. Izumi (The forum starter) have even given out a recepie for that rolls. It's a shame however that the limited text disallows me to insert that food.
Well, that's about it for now. See you soon for more updates!

Battle Preview

This is how the game's battles are executed. Also featured is the Menu. This video ended without going to the game map because the game locks up whenever an enemy or two drops and item and it is a really irritating chore.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Still Working On It

Okay, while I was finiding a way on fixing some glitches, I managed to finish off a few works, and at the same time, I found an interesting glitch. Well, it's the Pork Bean glitch, but I can't explain it all over here, so head on over to Earthbound Central, for more info and lots of interesting things there.

So, here's what happened so far:

-Just finished translating the Flavors and Text Speed in Naming Screen, and the Deposit/Withdraw in the ATM screen. They were actually sprite-based, and since sprite-text editing wasn't my thing, it took a while. There are more things to do.

-If you look at the PORK M4A1 picture below, you may notice that there were two PK Kilat Gamma entries there. Fixed.

More updates coming this Monday, I think.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stupid Glitches!

As far as I had already gone, I had finished almost all of the non-script texts. However, there are some new bugs to kill, and probably the most irritating yet.

The black screen in the third pic happens whenever you buy an equippable item, while the first and second is on some edible items.

Technically speaking, this happens whenever you didn't follow the specified codes, and it sucks.

Hope this bug could be killed.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nothing much.

If you're asking why is the flag is posted here, it's best that you don't ask why.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Working and stuff

The translation had gone quite well, for non-script texts so far. I had managed to kill a number of bugs, but still, I wasn't satisfied with the quality of the translation just yet. Here's a number of pictures. Beware: SPOILERS!

The picture up in the top is just me playing around with the codes. You'll not see them in the final patch though. It's pretty stupid. The memo menu often crashes the game if the syntaxes is not typed properly, and I fixed them up.

English patch player of the game may know that track #238 is named A Certain Someone's Memories, but in my version, I just skip it to the original name, Polyanna.