Saturday, February 14, 2009

Still Working On It

Okay, while I was finiding a way on fixing some glitches, I managed to finish off a few works, and at the same time, I found an interesting glitch. Well, it's the Pork Bean glitch, but I can't explain it all over here, so head on over to Earthbound Central, for more info and lots of interesting things there.

So, here's what happened so far:

-Just finished translating the Flavors and Text Speed in Naming Screen, and the Deposit/Withdraw in the ATM screen. They were actually sprite-based, and since sprite-text editing wasn't my thing, it took a while. There are more things to do.

-If you look at the PORK M4A1 picture below, you may notice that there were two PK Kilat Gamma entries there. Fixed.

More updates coming this Monday, I think.

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