Monday, February 16, 2009

Staying Idle?

Although I started on the project not too long ago, I was surprised when Tomato, the head project of the English Fan Translation for Mother 3, said the non script texts were just 1% percent of the total script. The listing below is the complete list of how many lines I should translate.
  • Main script, ~800 pages
  • Battle text, ~60 pages
  • Character names, 300 lines
  • Playable/assist character names, 16 lines
  • Default names, 69 lines
  • Item names, 256 lines
  • Enemy (+misc) names, 329 lines
  • PSI names, 100 lines
  • Item descriptions, ~11 pages
  • Enemy descriptions, ~25 pages
  • PSI descriptions, ~5 pages
  • Skill descriptions, ~1 page
  • Map names, 1000 lines
  • Menus 1, ~11 pages
  • Menus 2, ~14 pages
  • Menus 3, ~2 pages
  • Sound player track list, 250 lines
  • Misc sound player text, 6 lines
  • Misc text, 50 lines
  • Status text, 52 lines
However, most of them could be skipped, since there are many things that were left intact - same as the English version. Many lines had to be cut because the BM translation turns out too long for them.
  1. The characters names remain as in their English counterparts. However, Favorite Food and Favorite Thing were translated. In food, Omelets had been depicted as like fried rice wrapped in fried eggs (and some chili sauce on top) as here and here. Maybe the rice bit was a little unseen, but we don't have a normal omelet as big as THAT, so I think its Pataya Fried Rice.
  2. Shigesato Itoi loved croquette rolls so much that he actually promoted the shop in the game, like what he did with Katsu in EarthBound/Mother 2. The forum discussing that is located here. Izumi (The forum starter) have even given out a recepie for that rolls. It's a shame however that the limited text disallows me to insert that food.
Well, that's about it for now. See you soon for more updates!

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